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Use Our Tools and Resources to Show Your Creativity.


We create websites that allow you to sell your products, services, offers, or whatever you have and integrate with Paypal to collect funds.

Responsive Design

All sites we create are totally responsive (meaning they are appealing no matter what device is used for viewing and interaction.

Web Security

Our team implements robust htaccess protection, but we also recommend and offer SiteLock protection. Wordpress security tools are also available.


In Business Since 1998. Longer Than Most.

  • 1998-2012

    The Humble Beginnings of JacG™

    JacG™ (the acronym for our company name, Josserand & Associates Consulting Group) began in 1998. We have always been your premier internet business consulting company. We run multiple businesses and websites and design them for others!

  • June 2012

    An Agency Is Born As An LLC

    We incorporate as an LLC and change names from Josserand & Associates Consulting Group to Josserand Ace ConsultinG™. What we do never changed. We continued to provide internet business consulting and websites! We, also, added IT and Database Management services to our list of offerings, as well as managed services.

  • September 2013

    Transition back to Proprietorship

    We made the decision on late 2013 to convert our main business back to a proprietorship and let it own our other businesses, including 2 corporations; American Business Solutions, Inc.
    and IT Web Services, LLC.

  • July 2014

    A New and Bigger Project

    We formed a new organization, "The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance", the biggest venture yet. It started as a small Affiliate Marketing business. It has grown into a full-blown Network Marketing company. It offers members complete business startup training, plus affiliate marketing training, social media marketing training, PLR marketing training, targeted traffic generation training, and much more! Its properties include this studio with online Video, Photography, and Audio creative abilities, plus Chat software, Broadcasting software, Video Conferencing software, as well as complete Video Conferencing with Chat, File Sharing, and Screen Sharing capabilities! There are now over 100 websites that are part of this project. JacG currently owns over 400 total website properties!

Our Amazing Team

No Salesmen. Just Experts.

Jesse Josserand

Owner and CEO

Aaron Austin

Lead Design and Project Manager

J. L. Fleming

Lead Developer

These are not the only folks helping us. We have several onshore and offshore developers and support folks that provide services to our various projects. You can learn more about us and them, as well as the many different things we and they do that benefit us and our members at our World Profit Partners website. For a complete list of all the domains that are a part of this awesome project, see World Profit Properties.

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